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2017.04.19 UNHR - the UN refugee agency

Boat MassimoSestini UNHCR.png

This flyer showed up in the mail today. It's bloody genius.

The fundamental purpose of the flyer is to generate support for refugees, which is a highly laudable program from the United Nations Refugee Program that you support at Most non-psychopaths tend to think that helping other people is a good thing, but the reality is that it's overwhelming to imagine trying to help every stranger in the world who needs helping. That kind of reluctance might be bypassed when we have a connection of some sort to the people that need help.

And that's what this image does. It's an expression of genuine human desperation that we can connect to viscerally.

If you click on the full-resolution image (media:Boat MassimoSestini UNHCR.jpg), it lets you peek at the slice of wretchedly hopeful individuals amidst the precarious isolated lump of humanity.